2023 Gift Giving Guide for Children, Teens, & Adults

Teens & Adolescents, Children

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to show your love and support than with a thoughtfully chosen gift? This year, let’s think outside the box with our holiday presents and focus on nurturing the well-being of our loved ones.

Whether you’re shopping for children, teens, or the adults and caregivers in your life, our 2023 Mental Health Holiday Gift Giving Guide has got you covered. From calming therapy tools to empowering self-care kits, these gifts are guaranteed to make a difference in their journey to emotional well-being.

So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect gift that shows you truly care.

Mental Health Gift Ideas for Children Under 12

Mad Dragon: an Anger Control Card Game

Our Therapists say: “We love this game because it engages children in play and curiosity while they explore concepts of anger, while also allowing them to connect to their loved ones in this cooperative game.”

Thought-Spot I Know What to Do Feeling/Moods Flipbook

Amazon Description: “I KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN I’M FEELING flipbook is a valuable tool for parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists, and children. It supports all children, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, in identifying and responding appropriately to their emotions.

The flipbook is fully interactive and allows for the addition of unique situations and solutions using dry-erase compatibility. It is a must-have resource for anyone involved in helping children navigate the complex landscape of emotional well-being.”

Breathing Exercise Cards for Kids

Amazon Description: “Children are never too young or too old to learn how to breathe! These cards are great for mindfulness activities, play therapy toys, yoga gifts, social emotional learning, sensory paths, or calming games for elementary school children.

You can also use them at home during transition times, before homework, or at bedtime. Perfect for children of all abilities, including children with autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or other additional needs.”

5 lbs Dog Weighted Stuffed Animals

Amazon Description: “This weighted dog Plush offers a soothing sensory experience. It helps your child stay calm and focused by providing deep pressure, making it a perfect tool that promotes calm and a sense of security.

Even the most fidgety child can be calm and relaxed. It’s the perfect bedtime buddy to provide a comfortable and soft feeling.”

Sloth Hugs

Product Description: “Warmies® Hugs are a super cute microwavable duo that are gently scented with French lavender. Their arms wrap around each other and attach with Velcro making them perfect for mixing and matching to other Warmies® Hugs characters.

You can also attach them anywhere and bring them with you on the go. Warmies® Hugs are TWO cute not to LOVE.”

Filling My Jars Interactive Journal

Amazon Description: “Combine creativity and self-care with this engaging one-of-a-kind journal that guides children through mindfulness activities, self-reflection prompts, and more! It teaches children three ways to practice self-care: being thankful (gratitude), managing uncomfortable feelings (worries), and using positive self-talk (affirmations).

They can draw and write on these slips and drop them into their jars as they go! When children finish the Filling My Jars journal, they will have a clearer idea of their goals, what makes them happy, and who they are.”

Mental Health Gift Ideas for Teens

The Calm Ball

Our Therapists say: “This tool has fun retro vibes that encourage engagement, helping adolescents and teens explore how they can take responsibility for their emotional regulation needs.”

Head Rush Social Skills Game

Amazon Description: “Head Rush requires quick self reflection, and less hesitation, encouraging more revealing answers.

Perfect for building rapport and starting meaningful conversations that encourage players to reflect on their feelings, memories, desires and overall self.”

Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Teens

Amazon Description: “When life has got your teen stressing out, coloring is a great way for them to relax. This coloring book is full of fun and inspiring images that they can color any way they like, helping them improve their mood and get into a better headspace as they create something beautiful.”

Mental Health Gift Ideas for Parents & Caregivers

Rest Deck: 50 Practices to Resist Grind Culture

Our Therapists say: “Being a caregiver is hard. Sometimes you are working from morning until night with no break. That can get caregivers caught in the grind with little time for self care.

Often the breaks we do get are spent in the same heightened nervous system, making it hard to figure out how to utilize the breaks the actually do get. These cards can help caregivers practice slowing down, helping them to utilize their down time more effectively, leading to much needed self care. “

TableTopics Family – 135 Conversation Starter Cards

Amazon Description: “This fun mix of questions ranges from silly to thought-provoking and provides an easy way to get your family talking. It’s perfect for mealtime or bedtime—use it every day! You’ll learn something new about your kids and even yourself.”

Motivational Sports Water Bottle with Time Marker

Amazon Description: “Staying hydrated is often easier said than done. With the Sahara Sailor clear water bottle and its time reminder, you can now not only track your daily water intake at ease, but also encourage you to drink enough water.

This water bottle holds 32oz / 1 Liter, which is the adequate amount to aid your daily hydration routine and it is light to carry.”

Mount Lai Jade Treasures Set for Anti-Aging

Product Description: “Nutrient dense botanicals in our skincare formulations deliver plump, revitalized skin while our best-selling facial tools smooth the fascia and release facial tension to address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The result? Firmer, lifted skin.”