3 Ways to Help Children Ground Themselves in Nature

Children, Liz Barta

Nature has incredible healing power, and children can benefit greatly from connecting with the earth. Grounding themselves in nature can help children find inner peace, reduce stress, and develop a deeper sense of self.

Hi, I’m Liz Barta, a Therapist at Bloom Child Therapist, and in this article, I’ll share three simple ways to help children embrace the natural world and reap its rewards.

1. Explore Adventure Walks

Take children on exciting and interactive walks in nature. Encourage them to use their senses to explore the world around them. Listen to the sounds of chirping birds, feel the texture of leaves, and smell the earthy aromas.

Engaging all their senses will awaken their curiosity and foster a sense of wonder, leading to a stronger connection with nature.

2. Try Gardening


Get your hands dirty and let children discover the joy of gardening. Whether it’s planting flowers, fruits, or vegetables, this hands-on activity allows children to witness the miracle of growth and learn about responsibility.

As they nurture the plants from seedlings and witness their transformation into vibrant life forms, they will also cultivate patience and a deeper appreciation for nature.


3. Introduce Nature Crafts


Channel children’s creativity through nature-inspired arts and crafts. Encourage them to collect fallen leaves, sticks, and pebbles during their outdoor adventures.

Back at home, use these natural materials to create beautiful artwork or crafts that honor the Earth’s beauty. This activity not only stimulates imagination but also reinforces the connection between creativity, nature, and the environment.

When helping children ground themselves in nature, it’s crucial to provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and discovery. Allow them to freely express their thoughts and emotions while in nature, providing guidance when needed.


Remember, each child is unique, so allowing them to connect with nature at their own pace is essential. By incorporating these three practices into a child’s routine, you can foster a deep appreciation for nature and facilitate personal growth.

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