Jess Gonzales


Clinical Focus: Child, Adolescent & Teen Therapist

“Jessica has a remarkable ability to connect with teens struggling with complex issues. She has a deep understanding of the challenges that teens face and is a highly caring, compassionate, and insightful individual. Highly recommend!!”

Hadley P.

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Clinical Specialties

Anxiety | Aggression | Emotional Regulation Issues | Adoption | Self-Esteem | Trauma | Social Skills | Depression | Behavioral Issues | Parent/Child Relationships | Eating Disorders

Education & Licenses

Licensed Social Worker (LSW) 

M.S.W. in Individual & Family Clinical – Liberty University

B.A. in Theology – Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, CO



T3 Trauma Training
Bilateral Stimulation
PSI Perinatal Mental Health 2-Day Certificate Course
PSI Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Course

A Message From Jess

Every day, your child navigates the complex world of emotions, striving to find stability and understanding. But the big feelings that come with growing up can often feel like uncharted territory, stirring up feelings of confusion and frustration.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for your child to manage these emotions on their own.

I’m Jess Smoker, a Therapist at Bloom Child Therapists. I specialize in working with children and teens as they navigate various stages of development and growth.

I’m a firm believer in the power of emotional understanding, empathizing with your child’s struggles, and giving them tools to navigate and regulate these big emotions. Through this growth and understanding, I seek to help develop and grow healthy relationships for you and your children.

Getting started with counseling is easy.

First, click the link to schedule an appointment.

Second, we will reach out to get your first appointment scheduled.

Third, we’ll make a plan to help your child move beyond emotional overwhelm and embrace a stronger sense of self.

So if you’re ready to leave emotional confusion and relational turmoil in the past and embrace your child’s future filled with emotional understanding and confidence, schedule an appointment today. We’re here to help.

More Testimonials

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“Jessica is one of the most kind but honest people I know. She has a God given gift to see into your heart to help you understand your feelings and point you to truth! I would highly recommend Jess to anyone!” – Brittany Z.

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“Jessica is a wise and talented counselor and will show genuine care and compassion to you and anyone she works with. I highly recommend her!” – Mikayla S.
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