Keri Sawyer


Clinical Focus: Child, Adolescent, & Teen Therapist

“I have absolutely loved the attention and care that Keri has given my son. She is attentive to his needs and clearly communicates what we should do at home. My son has come a long way and we continue to work as a team.”


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Clinical Specialties

ADHD | Anxiety | Anger | Aggression | Emotional Regulation Issues | Attachment Issues | Self-Esteem | Trauma | Social Skills | Behavioral Issues | Depression | Performance Related Issues

Education & Licenses

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling – Colorado Christian University, CO

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) – Illinois

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)- Colorado

Registerd Play Therapist-Supervisor™ (RPT-S™)

Certifications & Trainings

Certified Synergetic Play Therapist (SPT)
Registered Play Therapist (RPT)
Theraplay Level 1
Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider
PSI Perinatal Mental Health 2-Day Certificate Course
PSI Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Course

A Message From Keri

Here’s the deal! Many parents, just like you, want their children to do well in school, make good friends, and live a confident, happy and healthy life.

But parents often feel helpless when they see their children struggle with their mental health because they just don’t know what to do.

I’m Keri Sawyer, owner of Bloom Child Therapists. I have helped 100’s of children and teens discover and treat the root issue of their emotional struggles using strengths-based, research-supported, mental health counseling. And I have helped parents become more confident in their capacity to support their child.

Not only do I help children and teens with their anxiety and anger, but I also specialize in helping children overcome performance-related issues in athletics, dance, and the arts.

I develop a plan with parents and children to achieve measurable goals for their child and their families.

You can get your child started with counseling by clicking on the “Schedule Appointment” button.

Then, we will reach out to get your first appointment scheduled.

So if you want to get your child that extra mental health support so they can move past their anxiety, depression, or anger, and your family can get back to living life again, schedule an appointment today. I can help.

More Testimonials

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“Keri is a fantastic clinician!!! She has pose, does everything with intention and is extremely warm, playful, daring, and humble! She has the gift of helping others see what they need to grow and heal!” – Carly S.

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“The child therapists at Bloom are compassionate and knowledgeable! These are two very important qualities for me when I consider who I want working with my kiddos. I would highly recommend the child therapists at Bloom if you’re looking for a place where your children are truly seen and cared for.” – Missy S.

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“Every interaction with Bloom Child Therapists has been encouraging, warm, and gives me the confidence to know that each child (and family) will be given the time and care that they need. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for help and support through therapy for their kids.” – Lindsay S.

What is Play Therapy & How Can it Help My Child?

Play Therapy is a specialized form of therapy that engages children in play to help them express and process their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

As children may have difficulty articulating their feelings or understanding their inner world, Play Therapy provides a safe and non-threatening environment for them to communicate and heal.

In this video, I’ll show you how Play Therapy can help your child and explain a few key benefits.

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3 Ways a Therapist Can Help with Perinatal Mental Health

The arrival of your little bundle of joy brings so much excitement and love into your life. But, It also comes with significant changes and challenges.

That’s where therapy comes in.

In this video, we’ll explore how therapy can help you navigate this transformative time and ensure your mental well-being.

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